Wednesday, August 4, 2010

date me, brent

So last night, I started a conversation with my roommate Joel by saying, "You know?  I really need something unique to do for my birthday."  After all, it is just over a month away and I am kind of looking around for ideas and available options.  His idea?  "We should do a Raleigh version of The Bachelor with you."  Yeah, haha, very funny.  This is a ridiculous idea that we'll get a few minutes of laughs out of and then be done with.  Oh, no.  Didn't go that way at all.

Because that's when my friend Jamie was brought in on the plot.  And the conversation changed from "What would the Raleigh bachelor give out instead of roses?" to "We could do webisodes."  Pretty soon, an entire elaborate plan was concocted with several stages, a day of challenges, a survey was created, and a Facebook page.  An application deadline of August 15 was set.  That's when it became pretty clear they really wanted to do this.  Like I said, at first I thought it was ridiculous.  But I also figured why not?  I'm young.  I'm single.  I like having fun experiences.  And I'm generally comfortable enough with who I am that I'm not afraid to put myself out there and look like a fool.  (Which seems pretty likely at some point in this process... especially considering that normally the number of girls who I think want to date me and the number who actually do are two numbers that bear little correlation to one another.)  The only sad part will be if no eligible bachelorettes actually fill out the survey.  That will be less than an ideal birthday present.

So ultimately, their plan is to culminate in one lady being chosen to be my date to my birthday party on September 11 with the help of Joel, Jamie and other friends Amy, A.J., and Billy.  I don't have to actually hand out any roses.  There will be less harsh rejections and certainly less sensationalized scandals.  No tabloid coverage, and above all, I won't be proposing to anyone at the end.  (Which is good because I'm not really looking to do that any time soon.)  Just one date with the person they hope to make Raleigh's most eligible bachelor.  Namely, me.

Please like this pageShare it with your friends.  Share it on your profile.  Fill out the survey or send it to a friend.  If I have two responses come in, it might really strike a blow to my self confidence.  This is a joke but it's also really going to happen.  There's no stopping it now.  And if nothing else, it's going to be really hilarious.  And hey, if you're reading this, you (or your friend) could be the lucky bachelorette.

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